Hand Book of Vu Final Project- Accounting & Finance (ACF619)

How to Build ACF619 Final Project Accounting & Finance Discussion Available in This Section.
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Hand Book of Vu Final Project- Accounting & Finance (ACF619)

Post by ALI RAZA » Sat Aug 24, 2019 11:56 am

Course Selection 
ACF619 is offered  to  the  students of BS (Accounting & Finance) who are currently doing job  in 
an organization.  As  a  proof  of  their  current  employment  status the  students will  submit their 
original  Job Confirmation  Letter  (JCL) obtained from  the current  employer.   The  students  are 
required  to  work  on  final  Project  in steps  according to  the  instructions/guidelines provided in 
this handbook of the course and appear for presentation and viva voce thereafter. 
Objectives of the Course: 
  To  enhance  the  analytical  skills  of  the  students  by  enabling  them  to address the real-l ife 
issues and suggests solutions in  the  light of theoretical  knowledge of  their  relevant  area  of 
specialization and experience. 
  To  provide  an  opportunity  to  the  students  to  explore  new  researchable avenues  in  their 
relevant  area  of  specialization  for  conducting  research  on  the  selected  problem,  thus 
suggesting solutions thereafter. 
Project Course Stages 
The working  on  the  Final  Project  has  been  divided  into  steps/stages  as  given  below. A 
submission at every step/stage is compulsory. 
1.  Proposal 
The  proposal  for  project  is  required  to  be  prepared  according  to  the  format  provided  in  this 
handbook of  the  course. The  students are  expected to  come up with a  researchable topic of  their 
interest which must be relevant to their area  of  degree  program.  This  proposal will  be  evaluated 
and  the  validity will be determined by the Instructor. A valid proposal is essential (compulsory)  to 
proceed for final project. The students who fail  to have a final proposal approved by the Instructor 
will NOT be allowed  to work on the final project. 
2.  Final Project 

After the proposal is approved by the Instructor (valid proposal) a student is allowed to work on the 
final  project  in  the  light  of  the  instructor's  comments  given  in  the evaluated proposal as well  as 
guidelines and formats provided  in this handbook of the course. 
3.  Job Confirmation Letter 
It  is a  letter  to be  issued duly signed and stamped by your current employer, stating  that  you  are 
currently doing  job  in  the  organization.  The Job Confirmation Letter must include the following 
  •   It must be on original letter head of the organization 
  •   The issuance date of the letter must be mentioned 
  •   Your date of joining the organization 
  •   Your current designation  in the organization 
  •   Name and designation of the person issuing the letter (employer/person authorized) 
  •   Sign and  stamp of  person issuing the  letter  (the employer/person authorized) 
ou are required to upload scanned copy of your original Job Confirmation Letter (JCL) on VULMS 
ainst its relevant assignment. 
ote for Overseas Students 
n overseas student is required to ensure that his/her employer/authorized person sends scanned copy 
  his/her  “Job  Confirmation  Letter”  within  due  date  directly  to  the  Course  Instructor  at 
f619@vu.edu.pk through his/her (employer/ authorized person) official e-mail account. Overseas 
udents are  also  required to  upload their  “Job Confirmation Letter”  on VULMS against  relevant 
4.  Reference Letter for Research Work 
he  Reference  letter  for  Research Work  will  be  issued  to  the  students  (if requested) after  the 
ceptance of  proposal  in  response to  provision of  the following information: 
  •  Name and designation of the contact person / addressee  
  •  Name of the department and organization 
  •  Complete address of the organization 
  •  Telephone (contact) numbers of the person/organization 
  •  Your own complete postal address (where you want to receive the letter) 
  •  Your own contact numbers including cell number 
5.  Presentation & Viva Voce 
nly  those students will  be called for presentation & viva voce who will be declared pass in the 
ritten work (final proposal as well as final project). Call for presentation & viva voce will be sent 
 the students' VU e- mail IDs.  It will include date, time and venue of presentation & viva voce. 
ny student who fails to: 
1.  upload scanned copy of valid JCL shall not be called for presentation and viva voce even if 
he/she has passed written work (proposal and final project). 
2.  bring  original  JCL  at  the  time  of  presentation will  be  considered absent  and will  not be 
allowed to appear in Presentation and Viva Voce. 
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