Data Structures and Programming Techniques

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Data Structures and Programming Techniques

Post by ALI RAZA » Sun Jan 20, 2019 10:53 am

DowloadWhy should you learn about data structures and programmingtechniques? For small programs, you don’t need much in the way of data structures. But as
soon as you are representing reasonably complicated data, you need some place to store it. Thinking about how you want to store and organize this data can be
a good framework for organizing the rest of your program. Many programming environments will give you a rich collection of built-in data
structures as part of their standard library. C does not: unless you use third-party libraries, any data structure you want in C you will have to build yourself.
For most data structures this will require an understanding of pointers and storage allocation, mechanisms often hidden in other languages. Understanding
these concepts will give you a deeper understanding of how computers actually work, and will both let you function in minimalist environments where you don’t
have a lot of support and let you understand what more convenient environments are doing under their abstraction barriers.
The same applies to the various programming techniques we will discuss in this class. While some of the issues that come up are specific to C and similar low-
level languages (particular issues involving disciplined management of storage),some techniques will apply no matter what kinds of programs you are writing
and all will help in understanding what your computer systems are doing even if some of the details are hidden



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