Assignment No. 01 Semester: Fall 2018 CS314 –Introduction To Cellular Networks Solution

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Assignment No. 01 Semester: Fall 2018 CS314 –Introduction To Cellular Networks Solution

Post by ALI RAZA » Thu Dec 13, 2018 7:28 am

Problem Statement: (15 Marks)
An AMPS cellular operator (ABC) is allocated 12.50 MHz of bandwidth to provide full duplex communication (12.50 MHz for uplink and 12.50 MHz for downlink communication separately) in North American region. They are providing cellular services within an urban area which is divided into four clusters; where each cluster contains 4 cells. Using the parameters defined for AMPS network (like channel separation/bandwidth), answer the following questions for the above-mentioned scenario:

Question #1: (5 marks)
How many channels (Voice + Control) are available within a cell in the network if all the available bandwidth is evenly distributed among all cells of a cluster?

Question #2: (5 marks)
How many channels (Voice + Control) are available within this urban area?

Question #3: (5 marks)
How many voice and control channels are available for the users within this region?

Note: - Answer the above questions with complete calculation. Marks will be deducted for incomplete calculation. Use the parameters of AMPS network given in the lectures along with the above-mentioned information to calculate the answers.

Question #1: Available channels within a cell:
Bandwidth available for the network = 12.5 MHz
Bandwidth of an AMPS channels (Voice or Control) = 30 KHz
Total number of channels (Voice + Control) available to the operator = Total bandwidth of the network/Bandwidth of a single channel = 12.50 MHz / 30 KHz = 12500 KHz / 30 KHz ≅ 416 channels
Channel available for a cluster = 416 channels
Channels available within a cell = Channels within a cluster / Number of cells within a cluster = 416/4
= 104 channels
So, one hundred and four channels are available to each cell within a cluster if distributed evenly.

Question #2: Channels (Voice + Control) available within urban area:
Total channel (Voice + Control) available within a cluster = 416 channels
Number of clusters within the mentioned region = 4 clusters
Total channels (Voice + Control) available within urban area = Channels within a cluster*Number of cluster within the region = 416*4 = 1664 channels

Question #3: Number of Voice and Control channels within the mentioned
Distribution of voice and control channels for the AMPS Network to be used within a cluster is:
Number of voice channels = 395 channels
Number of control channels = 21 channels
Number of voice channels for the entire region = 395*Number of clusters = 395*4 = 1580 channels
Number of control channels for the entire region = 21*Number of clusters = 21*4 = 84 channels

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