Which Data Structure is best For Which Application Area

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Which Data Structure is best For Which Application Area

Post by ALI RAZA » Thu Oct 04, 2018 8:56 am

Suppose a company wants to develop an application to collect and store the temperature statistics of different countries. The city wise temperature details from all the countries are collected from different online spreadsheets. Some of these spreadsheets contain sorted data and others contain semi-sorted data (chunks of data are sorted).

The main requirement of the application is that it should be able to store and search for data quickly. It means if you want to store a country’s temperature stats in this application, it should be able to store it quickly and if you want to search for a specific city’s temperature, it should provide you with fastest possible search.


If you are hired by this company to develop this application and you are provided with two options of data structures to choose from:

AVL Tree
Which data structure you will prefer to use when

Data is sorted
Data is semi-sorted

For sorted data.
For this kind of information, we use heap structure. As the information is as of now in arranged shape so along these lines I could be make min pile or max load effortlessly.A heap data structure is useful to merge many already-sorted input streams into a single sorted output stream.
For unsorted data
For this sort of information. I suggest the Tree Data Structure. A tree information structure is a great device for sorting out information objects in view of keys. More , Tree is an information structure which is utilized to plane the immense measure of information at one place and access speed of information should be fast. Furthermore, there are numerous conditions at where information estimate is more and position too. In those conditions information is put away in tree shape. Best case for tree is Database outline.Data Base is a best example of tree data structure. Particular tree structure may use at different conditions.

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