How to write write and execute ADA program

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How to write write and execute ADA program

Post by ALI RAZA » Wed Oct 03, 2018 8:02 am

Problem Statement:
In this assignment, you have to write and execute ADA program. This ADA program will save records of students
of Computer Science. This program will contain 3 parts as described below:

Part 1:
Data of each student will be StudentID, Marks, and Status (Pass/Fail). Use appropriate data type for these
Record should be used to save student data and you are required to initialize records of 2 students only by
assigning proper values. While initializing, StudentID should be your VU Roll Number in both records. For
Marks, and Status field, use arbitrary values.

Part 2:
After completing Part 1, define your own type by the name of FinalScore. Its range should be from 50 to 100.
After that, create a variable Marks1 of FinalScore data type.

Part 3:
After completing Part 2, initialize Marks1 with 50 and then begin a loop. During each iteration of loop, increment
the value of Marks1 by 10. Following output should be shown in each iteration:
 If Marks1 is greater than or equal to 50 and less than or equal to 65, output will be:
Marks range is 50-65, PASS, Needs Improvement

 If Marks1 is greater than 65 and less than or equal to 75, output will be:
Marks range is 65-75, PASS, Average

 If Marks1 is greater than 75 and less than equal to 90, output will be:
Marks range is 75-85, PASS, Very Good

After completing the program, run the code in GNATMAKE 8.1.0 [see Note below], take screenshot, and paste it
in your solution file.
Your solution file must be a single Word file (.doc or .docx) containing the following:
1) Complete code written in Word [you can use Consolas font for enhancing readability of the code]
2) Output screenshot (take multiple screenshots by scrolling appropriate area if your code and output window
do not fit in one screen)

How to compile and run ADA code:

 You can use GNATMAKE 8.1.0 to compile and run ADA code. For this purpose, visit this link:
 In Code window, write your ADA program.
 After writing the code, press Execute button. The Result window will show the output of the code.
 Take screenshot(s) and paste it in your solution file. Both Code window and Result window must be
visible in the screenshot. Take multiple screenshots, if necessary.


Code: Select all

with Ada.Text_IO; 
use Ada.Test_IO; 
with Ada.Integer_TEXT_IO; 
use Ada.Integer_TEXT_IO; 
procedure assignment is 
type Student is record 
 student_ID: String(1..11); 
 Marks: Integer := 0; 
 Status: Boolean := False; 
end record; 
stu1, stu2: Student; 
type FinalScore is range 50..100; 
Marks1: FinalScore; 
stu1.Student_ID := "bc123456789"; 
stu1.Marks := 75; 
stu1.Status := True; 
stu2.Student_ID := "bc123456789"; 
stu1.Marks := 80; 
stu1.Status := False; 
Marks1 := 50; 
input: LOOP 
if Marks1 >= 50 and Marks1 <= 65 then 
Put_Line("Marks range is 50-65, PASS, Needs Improvement"); 
end if; 
if Marks1 > 65 and Marks1 <= 75 then 
Put_Line("Marks range is 65-75, PASS, Needs AVERAGE"); 
end if; 
if Marks1 > 75 and Marks1 <= 90 then 
Put_Line("Marks range is 75-85, PASS, VERY GOOD"); 
end if; 
Marks1 := Marks1 + 10; 
exit when Marks1 = 100; 
END LOOP input; 
end assignment; 

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